Lanford’s Theorem and the Emergence of Irreversibility

2019-03-12 16:30
dipartimento di Matematica, aula consiglio VII piano

Titolo: Lanford’s  Theorem   and   the Emergence  of  Irreversibility

Relatore: Jos Uffink, University of Minnesota


It is a longstanding problem  to show how the irreversible behaviour of macroscopic systems can be reconciled with the time-reversal invariance of these same systems when considered from a microscopic point of view. A  theorem   by Lanford shows that, under certain conditions, the famous Boltzmann equation, describing the irreversible behaviour of a dilute gas, can be obtained from the time-reversal invariant Hamiltonian equations of motion for the hard spheres model. This raises  the question whether  and how Lanford’s theorem succeeds in deriving this remarkable emergence of  irreversibility. Many authors (Cercigniani,  Illner &  Pulverenti,  1994;  Lebowitz  1983, Spohn  1991)  have expressed  very different views on this  question. In this talk,   I will argue  that  the theorem   actually does not  imply  irreversibility  at all.


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  • 2019-03-12 16:30

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